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ASTERIAS BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form DEFM14A on 02/04/2019
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November 7, 2018

BioTime, Inc.

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In order to render this Opinion, we have relied upon and assumed, without assuming any responsibility for independent verification, the accuracy and completeness of all the financial, legal, regulatory, tax, accounting and other documentation and information provided to, discussed with, or reviewed by us and have, with your consent, relied on such information as being complete and accurate in all material respects, including any documentation and information originally produced by the Parties and provided by the Company to Maxim. In that regard, we have assumed with your consent that the Forecasts have been reasonably prepared on a basis reflecting the best currently available estimates and judgments of the management of the Company and those financial projections originally produced by Asterias and provided by BioTime to Maxim. We have assumed that there were no material changes in the assets, liabilities, financial condition, results of operations, reserves, business operations since the date of the financial statements referenced herein. Moreover, it is understood that the Forecasts are based on numerous variables and assumptions that are inherently uncertain, including without limitation, factors related to general economic, market and competitive conditions. Accordingly, actual results could vary significantly from those set forth in such Forecasts, and as noted previously, Maxim has relied on these Forecasts without independent verification or analyses and does not in any respect assume any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness thereof. We have not made an independent evaluation or appraisal of the assets and liabilities (including any joint ventures, contingent, derivative or other off-balance-sheet assets and liabilities) of the Company or any of its subsidiaries, the Target or any of its subsidiaries, joint ventures and we have not been furnished with any such evaluation or appraisal. We have assumed that all governmental, regulatory or other consents and approvals necessary for the consummation of the Transaction will be obtained without any adverse effect on the expected benefits of the Transaction in any way meaningful to our analysis. We are not actuaries and our services did not include any actuarial determination or evaluation by us or any attempt to evaluate actuarial assumptions, and we have relied on the Company with respect to the appropriateness and adequacy of reserves of the Company and actuarial assumptions used by the Company in connection with the Forecasts. In that regard, we have made no analysis of, and express no opinion as to, the appropriateness or adequacy of reserves or actuarial assumptions. Maxim has relied upon assurances by the Parties that they are unaware of any facts that would make their respective information incomplete or misleading. Maxim has no obligation to update or modify the Opinion.


Our Opinion does not address the underlying business decision of BioTime or the Target to engage in the Transaction, or the relative merits of the Transaction as compared to any strategic alternatives that may be available to BioTime; nor does it address any legal, regulatory, tax or accounting matters. This Opinion addresses only the fairness from a financial point of the Transaction to BioTime, as of the date hereof as described below. We do not express any view on, and our Opinion does not address, any other term or aspect of the Merger Agreement or Transaction or any term or aspect of any other agreement or instrument contemplated by the Merger Agreement or entered into or amended in connection with the Transaction, nor as to the fairness of the amount or nature of any compensation to be paid or payable to any of the officers, directors, or employees of the Target or class of such persons, in connection with the Transaction. Our Opinion is necessarily based on the economic, monetary, market and other conditions as in effect on, and the information made available to us as of, the date hereof and we assume no responsibility for updating, revising or reaffirming this Opinion based on circumstances, developments or events occurring after the date hereof. Our Opinion does not compare the relative merits of the Transaction with any other alternative transaction or business strategy which may have been available to or considered by the Special Committee, BioTime or its Board, or address the underlying business decision of the Special Committee, BioTime or its Board to proceed with the Transaction. Maxim was not requested to, and did not, explore alternatives to the Transaction or solicit interest of any other parties in pursuing transactions with BioTime. The Company publicly announced (Oct. 25, 2018) distribution of the majority of BioTime’s ownership in AgeX Therapeutics, Inc.(“AgeX”) will occur on November 28, 2018 (record date of November 16, 2018), prior to the closing of the Transaction, and therefore, Asterias shareholders will not be entitled to a distribution of AgeX shares. In this opinion, we did not discount the value of BioTime shares to account for the distribution of AgeX shares in reaching our opinion set forth below as to fairness. 




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