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SEC Filings

ASTERIAS BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form DEFM14A on 02/04/2019
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  earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, wild fires or other natural disasters, weather conditions and other force majeure events in the United States or any other country;
  changes in law or other legal or regulatory conditions or changes in U.S. GAAP or other accounting standards;
  changes in stock price or the trading volume of BioTime’s or Asterias’ stock, or any failure by BioTime or Asterias to meet any public estimates or expectations of Asterias’ revenue, earnings or other financial performance or results of operations for any period, but not, in each case, the underlying cause of such changes or failures;
  effects directly resulting from the announcement of the Merger Agreement or the pendency of the Merger, including any loss of employees of Asterias and/or BioTime; and
  either Asterias or BioTime taking any action explicitly contemplated by the Merger Agreement (except certain actions taken in the ordinary course of Asterias’ or BioTime’s business).


If adverse changes occur and BioTime and Asterias still complete the Merger, the Combined Company stock price may suffer. This in turn may reduce the value of the Merger.


Risks Related to the Business of the Combined Company Following the Merger


BioTime is expected to incur substantial expenses related to the integration of BioTime and Asterias.


BioTime is expected to incur substantial expenses in connection with the integration of the business, policies, procedures, operations, technologies and systems of Asterias with those of BioTime. There are a large number of systems that must be integrated, including management information, purchasing, administrative, accounting and finance, sales, marketing, billing, payroll and benefits, installation, engineering, infrastructure and regulatory compliance, among others. While BioTime has assumed that a certain level of expenses would be incurred, there are a number of factors beyond its control that could affect the total amount or the timing of all of the expected integration expenses. Moreover, many of the expenses that will be incurred are, by their nature, difficult to estimate accurately at the present time. These integration expenses likely will result in BioTime taking significant charges against earnings following the completion of the Merger, but the amount and timing of such charges are uncertain at present, and if such charges are greater than expected, they could offset the cost synergies that BioTime expects to achieve from the Merger.


Following the Merger, the Combined Company may be unable to integrate successfully the businesses of BioTime and Asterias and realize the anticipated benefits of the Merger.


The Merger involves the combination of two companies which currently operate as independent public companies. Following the Merger, the Combined Company will be required to devote significant management attention and resources to integrating its business practices and operations. The Combined Company may fail to realize some or all of the anticipated benefits of the Merger if the integration process takes longer than expected or is more costly than expected. Potential difficulties the Combined Company may encounter in the integration process include the following:


  the inability to successfully combine the businesses of BioTime and Asterias in a manner that permits the Combined Company to achieve the synergies anticipated to result from the Merger, which would result in the anticipated benefits of the Merger not being realized partly or wholly in the time frame currently anticipated or at all;
  lost sales and customers as a result of certain customers of either of the two companies deciding not to do business with the Combined Company;
  complexities associated with managing the combined businesses;
  integrating personnel from the two companies;
  creation of uniform standards, controls, procedures, policies and information systems;



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