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SEC Filings

BIOTIME INC filed this Form 424B3 on 02/04/2019
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Section 2.2 Payment for Securities; Surrender of Certificates.


(a) Exchange Fund. Prior to the Effective Time, BioTime will designate American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC to act as the exchange agent in connection with the Merger (the “Exchange Agent”). The Exchange Agent will also act as the agent for Asterias’ stockholders for the purpose of receiving and holding their Certificates and Book-Entry Shares and will obtain no rights or interests in the shares represented thereby. At or promptly after the Effective Time, BioTime will deposit, or cause to be deposited, with the Exchange Agent (i) a sufficient number of BioTime Common Shares (whether represented in certificated or non-certificated direct registration form) to issue the aggregate Per Share Merger Consideration and (ii) cash sufficient to make payments of Fractional Share Consideration and any dividends under Section 2.2(g) to be paid in the Merger. All such cash and BioTime Common Shares that are deposited with the Exchange Agent are referred to as the “Exchange Fund.” The Exchange Fund will be for the sole benefit of the holders of shares of Asterias Common Stock. BioTime will cause the Exchange Agent to make, and the Exchange Agent will make, delivery of the Merger Consideration out of the Exchange Fund in accordance with this Agreement. The Exchange Fund will not be used for any purpose that is not expressly provided for in this Agreement.


(b) Procedures for Surrender of Book Entry Shares. At the Effective Time and without any action on the part of any holder, all non-certificated shares of Asterias Common Stock represented by book-entry (“Book-Entry Shares”) shall be deemed surrendered to the Exchange Agent, and BioTime shall cause the Exchange Agent to (i) deliver to each holder of Book-Entry Shares that number of uncertificated whole BioTime Common Shares that the holder is entitled to receive pursuant to Section 2.1 and cancel such Book-Entry Shares and (ii) mail to each holder of Book-Entry Shares a check in the amount of any Fractional Share Consideration, and any dividends or other distributions on BioTime Common Shares in accordance with Section 2.2(g), in each case payable in respect of such holder Book-Entry Shares pursuant to Section 2.1.



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