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ONCOCYTE CORP filed this Form 424B5 on 02/07/2019
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We may issue debt securities, in one or more series, as either senior or subordinated debt or as senior or subordinated convertible debt. The following description, together with the additional information we include in any applicable prospectus supplements or free writing prospectuses, summarizes the material terms and provisions of the debt securities that we may offer under this prospectus. While the terms we have summarized below will apply generally to any future debt securities we may offer under this prospectus, we will describe the particular terms of any debt securities that we may offer in more detail in the applicable prospectus supplement or free writing prospectus. The terms of any debt securities we offer under a prospectus supplement may differ from the terms we describe below. However, no prospectus supplement shall fundamentally change the terms that are set forth in this prospectus or offer a security that is not registered and described in this prospectus at the time of its effectiveness. We had no outstanding registered debt securities as of June 30, 2017. Unless the context requires otherwise, whenever we refer to the “indenture,” we also are referring to any supplemental indentures that specify the terms of a particular series of debt securities.


We may issue debt securities under a note purchase agreement or under an indenture to be entered between us and a trustee. A form of the indenture is included as an exhibit to the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part. The indenture will be qualified under the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, as amended, or the Trust Indenture Act. We use the term “trustee” to refer to the trustee under the indenture.


The following summaries of material provisions of senior debt securities, subordinated debt securities and the indenture are subject to, and qualified in their entirety by reference to, all of the provisions of the indenture and any supplemental indentures applicable to a particular series of debt securities. We urge you to read the applicable prospectus supplements and any related free writing prospectuses related to the debt securities that we may offer under this prospectus, as well as the complete indenture that contains the terms of the debt securities.




The terms of each series of debt securities will be established by or pursuant to a resolution of our board of directors and set forth or determined in the manner provided in an officers’ certificate or by a supplemental indenture. Debt securities may be issued in separate series without limitation as to aggregate principal amount. We may specify a maximum aggregate principal amount for the debt securities of any series. We will describe in the applicable prospectus supplement the terms of the series of debt securities being offered, including:


  the title;
  the principal amount being offered, and if a series, the total amount authorized and the total amount outstanding;
  any limit on the amount that may be issued;
  whether or not we will issue the series of debt securities in global form, and, if so, the terms and who the depositary will be;
  the maturity date;
  whether and under what circumstances, if any, we will pay additional amounts on any debt securities held by a person who is not a U.S. person for tax purposes, and whether we can redeem the debt securities if we have to pay such additional amounts;
  the annual interest rate, which may be fixed or variable, or the method for determining the rate and the date interest will begin to accrue, the dates interest will be payable and the regular record dates for interest payment dates or the method for determining such dates;
  whether or not the debt securities will be secured or unsecured, and the terms of any secured debt;
  the terms of the subordination of any series of subordinated debt;
  the place where payments will be made;



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