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ONCOCYTE CORP filed this Form 424B5 on 02/07/2019
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Special Situations When a Global Security Will Be Terminated


In a few special situations described below, a global security will terminate and interests in it will be exchanged for physical certificates representing those interests. After that exchange, the choice of whether to hold securities directly or in street name will be up to the investor. Investors must consult their own banks or brokers to find out how to have their interests in securities transferred to their own names, so that they will be direct holders. We have described the rights of holders and street name investors above.


A global security will terminate when the following special situations occur:


  if the depositary notifies us that it is unwilling, unable or no longer qualified to continue as depositary for that global security and we do not appoint another institution to act as depositary within 90 days;
  if we notify any applicable trustee that we wish to terminate that global security; or
  if an event of default has occurred with regard to securities represented by that global security and has not been cured or waived.


The applicable prospectus supplement may also list additional situations for terminating a global security that would apply only to the particular series of securities covered by the prospectus supplement. When a global security terminates, the depositary, and neither we nor any applicable trustee, is responsible for deciding the names of the institutions that will be the initial direct holders.



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